Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gone in Four Days

Hubby climbs on a plane for Italy in four days.

I am much more worried about it than he is. He has not packed yet and thinks he will just throw a few things together. I am closing in on panic mode! I know it will work out, but during this transition nothing is going smoothly.

Today we refinanced our car, because the company that holds held the lien on the car could not get their act together. After months of back and forth on paperwork required for shipping our car to Italy, we had it. So we called our exceptionally accommodating USAA representative. They have the refinance almost complete in a few hours and will get us permission to ship as soon as the final paperwork is complete.

Shipping the dog is another pain. We have all the health stuff complete that we can have done. However, I just discovered that we may not be able to ship her if the weather is too hot. I am hoping to find a flight early or late enough that the temperature is cool enough for the airlines to let her go in with the baggage. If she were only a bit smaller, I'd just take her carry-on!

Now, I found out we have company coming for a day this weekend. Not a big deal, because I did know about it. I just forgot about it with all the other excitement.