Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And We're Off!

Last night, we spent the night near the airport. (The boys stayed with Uncle Ron and Aunt Deb. (Thanks guys!) The dog stayed with cousin Rindy. (Thanks girl!) The cats likely did not notice we were gone because they had plenty of food.) It was a relaxing evening. We just went out to eat for a quiet dinner, with no boys whining. Then we crashed. I had good intentions of using the pool and the hot tub, but it just did not happen. The last week has been hectic and stressful. We have packed, tossed, unpacked and started all over again. We were just tired.

When Gary checked his bags, the bags were a bit heavy. 28 pounds over the weight limit, to be exact. While I won't put the exact amount it cost the government, let it suffice to say that Gary will likely be gently reminded that   he should use his unaccompanied baggage for a few more items! I was sad to see him walking toward the gate. I know it won't be long until we are back together, but it is still hard.

Today at 11:01 AM, Gary left for Italy. 

While we are excited for everything, it is so hard to leave the familiar for the unknown. Italy is becoming more of a reality every day. I can hardly wait to hear from my husband to see how his travels were. He will arrive in Venice at 8:50 AM. That should be about 2 AM in Kansas if I am calculating correctly. 

Things will start moving more quickly from here on out. Hopefully, I will update this blog more often when I have more news!