Thursday, May 20, 2010

So...What's New?

I'm running in circles getting ready for our move. No matter how many good intentions I have, I don't seem to be able to document all the work it is taking us to get out of Kansas. Our house looks like a tornado struck the inside and all the important paperwork is stacked in a filing box on the kitchen table. So far, we have official passports, tourist passports and transportation paperwork. We are still waiting on our Schengen Visas, but hope they arrive soon. Gary leaves Kansas in 21 days!

Things we have not done are starting to become overwhelming. Our paperwork on the car we will ship is not back from the "lien-holder" and we can't do anything on it until we get the paperwork. We have one motorcycle, one car and one pick-up that I want sold before we leave. I have ten rooms of furniture to downsize, purge and move into our "storage" area. I still need to organize one yard sale that happens to be 15 days away and there is no end in sight to the to-do list.

The good news I can share is the college class I teach is over tomorrow. Grades are due by the end of the week! I will now be able to focus on the move exclusively. exclusively as a mom with two boys, four cats and a dog can focus.

Friends of Gary threw us a nice going away party last weekend. I rarely go out, but it was nice. They made cute little signs in Italian and a cake with an Italian and U.S. flag. We stayed out later than usual and caught up with everyone. It will be hard to leave!