Monday, July 12, 2010

It's only change...right?

I am facing facts that this trip to Italy is real, not some crazy dream I am having. Right now, my life feels more like one of those crazy dreams where you feel more tired after you wake from it. Only, I am not asleep.

My house is in shambles. I have not completely packed for the flight, which leaves day after tomorrow.  I have stacks of stuff that needs to fit in suitcases, which are already looking quite full. I have stuff that probably should be hand-carried packed in boxes to be mailed to Italy. I have stuff that just hasn't got packed up and stashed in my storage unit, a.k.a. my downstairs bedroom. I have four cats that keep jumping in boxes, sleeping on piles of stuff and generally being pests. This fact, of course, puts me in tears  because I will be making the trip without them. Not to mention, my two darling sons who feel the stress and are generally acting difficult.

The joys of moving across the world are too numerous to mention right now. Reading this, you would think I do not want to move to Italy. I really do, it is just a huge change for me. How many people could pack up and move across the world with only six months notice and not experience some stress?