Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Background Information

Some of you know a bit more about what my husband  does for a living than others. I thought I would share some information about his job and why we are moving to Italy.

My husband is not in the military (any more), but was in the Army for 20 years. He retired and worked another job for a few years, but ended up going back to work for the Army as a civilian. He is not a contractor, he works as an equipment specialist for the federal government.

The official title is Logistics Assistance Representative. He works on armaments, which just means he gets to play with big guns. Great things for overgrown boys! Hubby has been deployed to Iraq and  Kuwait and also traveled to countries in Central and South America a few times. Anywhere weapons need to be inspected or repaired, he may travel.

Each year he (we) fill out a sheet that lists places to which we would not mind being transfered. We have always listed Italy and Germany on the overseas list. I honestly did not think that we would ever be sent anywhere in Europe, due to the downsizing of forces there. It was a real surprise that we would get to go to Italy, but it was a good  surprise!