Monday, February 22, 2010

Big News!

I was rushing around on a Friday morning trying to get my oldest son ready for school.

The phone rang and I unenthusiastically picked it up. Gary, my husband, said, "Get ready to pack."
I did not comprehend what he was saying, which must have been obvious, because then he added, "We're going to Vicenza."

After several minutes of me expressing my disbelief, my husband finally convinced me that it was indeed the truth. Our family would be moving to Italy in June 2010.

Less than four months to prepare...

Excitement and panic intertwined in my stomach. I know next to nothing about Italy, don't speak Italian and have lived in rural Kansas most of my life. I can't even focus on life in Italy yet, there are too many details of the move with which I (we) must deal to even get out of Kansas!

Stay tuned for more information!